Monday, September 11, 2006 vs. Trackbacks, Link Exchange and Contextual Ad Networks

It seems the popular blog’s track backs technique, the old link exchange programs and the trendy contextual ad networks are having a new and, as it seems, better equivalent/alternative called, which is 38-million-page size web 2.0-based contextual platform. Here people do contextual linking of English words, phrases and whole sentences within the context of the content and in return the linked area gets contextual listing at with contextual link back to the page where the contextually linked words reside on… It can successfully be used on every type of content page from forums and blogs to static or dynamically generated web pages… two way of contextuality!

Unlike the traditional track back where the original article might get contextual mention within the content of the new blog’s post while the track back link in return does not typically get any contextual link at all, LinkedWords gives two way of contextuality, if a word or phrase is contextually linked within the publisher’s content, the same publisher gets contextual mention/listing at together with static, permanent and life-long contextual link back to the linked content area… is not only challenging the track backs blog tactics but it also puts serious question about the existence of the traditional link exchange programs…we all know that simple link exchange is something that brings little to no results at all for the sites participated.. nor 3 way linking or one way linking do the work…what is important is the contextual level of the links that point to your site…this is where LinkedWords looks to be good enough at…

A simple question pops up into my mind: if enough number of English words, phrases and sentences get contextually linked all over the web through the’s platform, will people still use the contextual ad networks like Google AdWords? Advertisers now use these ad networks with the only goal to appear contextually within the context of the content on a given page and they spend serious money to get there…so, what if there is a way for the publishers to appear contextually on millions of linked words all over the web within the content of millions of pages from Sport to Science and Politics and get there free of charge, life long. seems pretty good at some other aspects too such as the ability to get contextually linked from tens, hundreds up to millions of words, phrases and sentences as the only cap is your site’s size…or in other words, how many linked words can your site get contextually linked with

Well, people would say, LinkedWords is pretty new site and compared to the old and popular link exchange sites, not even to mention Google, it might not get the chance to get any further, but a 38-million-page web 2.0 platform sounds pretty serious to me and in my view can easily put out of business any small link-exchange site, undermine the mid level ones and rise questions upon the contextual ad networks’ giants, you decide for yourself..

We’ll see what happens and how far can go...

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