Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Google tries the print ads market for fourth time

Today, Google announced its fourth time at the print bat. The print ads market seems pretty attractive to be further pursued and it appears that Google is attracted by the $48 billion spent every year in the United States on newspaper advertising.

"As with many of our products, we constantly test different models and features to ensure we are providing the best experience possible. We incorporate learnings from each test into the core product and are following the same model with our offline print ads tests." said Google spokesperson, Michael Mayzel.

Although Google is dubbing its latest effort at bringing the Google “targeted, measurable advertising” magic to the world of offline print advertising, it is actually Google’s fourth time at bat.

The Washington Post cited Richard Holden, product director, Google AdWords, last month:
Google tried three ways to make its magazine and newspaper advertising efforts work.

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