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Web 2.0 Innovations -- Discovers, tracks and ranks web 2.0 innovations, inventions, concepts, ideas and beyond. It also discovers, tracks and connects web 2.0 news, web 2.0 acquisition and funding deals as well as strategic comments on Web 2.0 events, news, companies and projects from the blogs, forums, news sites and the web. We live in interesting web times by witnessing the major web transformation taking place all over the Internet. From innovative social software, artificial intelligence experiments, multi-user collaborative AJAX-based tools, semantic applications, next-net contextual approaches, sharing knowledge gigantic sites, bookmaking facilities and photo, video and music tagging, sharing and transferring mixtures to ultra-modern server-, client-, and web-based platforms, surrealistic concepts and TV/Multimedia/Web mashups, they are all hire. Some of the sites listed below might be the next Microsoft, Yahoo! or Google or all them together. Web 2.0, 3.0 and beyond is not only on technological level, it is also on a conceptual aspect. What does web 2.0 really mean; one can find out the basics over here: Web 2.0. In our view, it is all about the long waited web evolution where static web sites from the nineties step down and give the freedom to community driven, user-centric, multi-channel distributed, search engine independent, next-generation, cross-platform concepts, applications and programs. Obviously, the web transforms, but what is next? Perhaps any of the innovations below might give you the answer.

What about the ranking criteria? Innovativeness, of course, uniqueness, effectiveness, potential for enormous growth, huge web properties, disruptor, web 2.0 concept and technologies, popularity, buzz and beyond. Suggestions at info [at]

More can be found on the web site at:


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