Thursday, January 11, 2007

Only No-Search-Engine Can Beat Google

Last week Read/WriteWeb has written an article about the search engines that are going to beat Google. Here is our commentary on the topic:

Beating Google on their own game - the search engine - seems to me like mission impossible…they have invested billions so far in improving their technologies and data centers. By knowing some of the tiny start-ups outlined there, it seems to me pretty unserious and unprofessional to compare them to Google (perhaps it is PR). I believe that, if ever there is a chance for a company, web site or product to be able to compete with Google on the search engine’s arena, that hypothetical site should be taking a whole lot different approach, i.e. NO search engine, No indexing, regardless it is semantic based or people powered… forget about it..

The web site that would potentially, NOT beat, but undermine Google would look like anything else BUT not search engine in the traditional aspect…It should help the people find web information on demand with an ease, no toolbar needed, No specific site visited, no java scripts, no other annoying tricks as well as should be helpful to the little guys on the web manage their sites respectively. It could be a form of symbiosis or a hybrid of new breed, but without being a search engine…this hypothetical site should as well be search engine independent to be successful…

None of the profiled there sites match that profile, so we keep on looking ahead for the site that will potentially lessen the Google’s importance on the web, not beat…


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