Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Silicon Valley still the best for innovations!

From NYTimes: "Just ask Sim Wong Hoo. About seven years ago, I met Mr. Sim in Singapore, where he was born and was then living. He talked about the rising creativity of Singaporeans and with a flourish, as if to dramatically make his point, he pulled out a prototype of a hand-held music player that he insisted would replace Sony’s famous Walkman.

Mr. Sim’s device was breathtaking, possessing all the elements of what we now know as the MP3 player. Yet today, a Silicon Valley icon, Apple, dominates the market for MP3 players with the iPod. In recognition of its emergence as a music powerhouse, last month Apple dropped the word “computer” from its name."

Also G. Pascal Zachary from NYT says: "When It Comes to Innovation, Geography Is Destiny"

We pretty much agree with these conclusions/opinions and we also had a previous post on the matter called "Silicon Valley is Non Replicable".

Another post at Read/Write Web contains lost of comments on the subject.

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