Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CNN compares Quigo to AdSense and Yahoo’s Content Match

Why some people and industry experts think for a tiny company called Quigo as the next Google or Yahoo, or at least on the contextual ads arena…

What makes Quigo attractive to web publishers? What Quigo does in order to steal advertisers and publishers from the two major players on the contextual advertising scene?

Well, many industry experts and analysts clearly state that it is all about the treat that Google puts on the old media outlets by becoming their major competitor offering anything from news, content to jobs searching and posting and more. Quigo, oppositely, is just a partner to sites like usatoday.com and Cox Newspapers, just two of Quigo’s recent additions to its network of web publishers, and is not going to compete for content-based ad dollars with the major newspapers and online media sites.

While much mid-level to large-scale web publishers might offset their dependence upon Google and Yahoo publishers’ networks and go on private label solutions, we still think small companies like Quigo are far behind the moment to out beat technology and corporate giants like Google and Yahoo.

CNN’s site today published that Vibrant Media, a privately held firm that sells a product which places ads that pop up over highlighted keywords within the text of a Web page, is worth keeping an eye on. CNN.com also said that Linkstorm, which generates a menu of links that a reader can see when mousing over a word, also has interesting technology. Yet there is another giant contextual site called LinkedWords.com, which seems to be outbidding all them together by taking the extra mile and offering it all for free. There any site from small individual page to multi-million page portal can obtain contextual advertising just free of charge and appear on tens, hundreds up to millions of contextually incorporated linked words across millions of content areas around the web…

The full CNN's story...


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