Friday, September 29, 2006

Cuban vs YouTube

Usually our practice is to rephrase the top stories of today’s highly dynamic web 2.0- sector, but this one we decided not to amend it and, instead, just quote it below:

Cuban: Only a 'moron' would buy YouTube

In one of our earlier blog postings we were saying that Major labels and movie/music and IP producers might slow YouTube down, and it seems this topic is heating up the web.

According to some media outlets YouTube representatives were not found so far to give comment on Cuban’s words.

Full story

Our vision: Despite all copyright infringement lawsuits expected to flood into the company once it gets bought by a bigger player, we think YouTube is undisputed leader in the video sharing business on the web and the site itself is within the top 10 world’s most visited sites with plenty of space to grow further, including capitalizing on the TV/WEB merging.

We think a deal for YouTube today in the range of $1B and $2B is viable and it includes all payments expected to occur from copyright lawsuits that are expected to happen over the next years.


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