Monday, September 25, 2006

What happens with Google?

What happened to “You can make money without doing evil” credo that Googlers widely proclaim.

It seems more and more people, companies, organizations and individuals are starting to criticize Google for one or another business practice.

We also think that no good monopoly is possible. Google in our view is way bureaucratic by now in many aspects from how it treats old sites toward newcomers, non-American to American sites and not last it tries to dictate how web should work.

We cannot give an in-depth overview as to what happens to Google today but our gut feeling tells us that Google should change many of its habits, approaches, tactics and business models otherwise from the company that everyone sympathizes it might become Microsoft #2.

We just wished to give our two cents on to the matter based on many blogs, articles and opinions we read over the internet all related to Google’s current situation.

The conclusion: a wave of dissatisfied individuals, organizations and companies rises against Google’s monopoly and might call for alternatives.

The fact that people already widely speak for Out-Googling as well as millions of web sites are afraid to take one or another step / approach on the web in order not to breach any of the tons of Google’s rules in addition to Google’s attempt to control the web calls for an action and might be understood by the millions as a form of dictatorship.

Google is good company from corporate point of view, they are also leading IT structure employing thousands of high profile people from top software engineers to lawyers. It has huge data centers and is amongst the top visited sites over the past years but what made Google worldwide recognized brand was none of the above but the love of the Internet users – this is where Google should remain focused on in order to preserve its leading position for the future.

It should be fair game.

Some more information on to the issue:

Google’s monopoly


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