Monday, November 13, 2006

Wink Launches Social Network Search

Wink, the social search engine, has evolved beyond recognition since I first reviewed it over a year ago. The site began by offering a web search that let you rate and tag the results - the idea was that you could find what you were looking for more easily based on the collective judgment of all the users. In some ways, it was like Digg for search.

In September this year, Wink 2.0 launched, with a complete redesign and more focus on Wink Collections - this meant you could create a group of interesting links and share them with friends. They also added social networking. On November 4th, they notified users of a much cooler feature: support for YouTube videos within collections. This means you can visit YouTube, find your favorite videos on any topic and post them to your Wink collection by hitting a bookmarklet in your browser - it’s pretty similar, in fact, to the new Share feature from Facebook, which also supports rich media.

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