Friday, December 01, 2006

Censorship, Pressure or what?

As from Techcrunch: Sometimes it isn’t until a blog post gets deleted for one reason or another that it grabs people’s attention. That happened today when a relatively new blogger named “Kevin” deleted a blog post titled “The JotSpot Google Merger,” where he complained that JotSpot left them stranded as a partner after Google acquired the company last month.

Many people commented on this story, some negatively others in doubts but it is obvious that here we are witnessing some form of censorship, pressure, corporate influence or dictatorship or what? We just decided to post this story on our blog since it outlines an important trend on the web lately, and namely Google's tend to become the web's authority (we just assume that Google stays behind this story removal)

More from the story, the original blog posting and lots of comments over here...


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