Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deals within the web 2.0 sector for May 17 - 23

Clupedia gets $1.3 million
Santa Ana, CA, based startup Clupedia announced that it has raised $1.3 million in funding from Tech Coast Angels, a group of 270 investors in Orange County. Clupedia’s founder David Saad claims that he has put down $2.3 million of his own money into startup. David Saad is a serial entrepreneur who had previously founded Braintec that was sold to Technisource. To add weight to the startup’s story, Johannes Larcher sits on Clupedia’s board. James had served as VP of Friendster and prior to that he was the chief of staff at Overture, which Yahoo bought in 2003 for nearly $2 billion.

Confirmed: CBS Acquires Wallstrip
Wallstrip founder Howard Lindzon confirmed the deal on his blog on Monday - presenter Lindsay Campbell and producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks will become full-time employees of CBS, says Gigaom . The show had raised $600,000 from angels and friends, including Fred Wilson and Brad Feld. It’s a great exit for Wallstrip, and may give hope to other videoblogs that want to make the leap.

Second Life Acquires Winward Mark for More Realistic Game Play
Linden Lab, parent company of Second Life , announced today its acquisition of graphics technology from Windward Mark Interactive, for an undisclosed amount. From the deal, Linden Lab will acquire WindLight, an atmospheric-rendering technology , Nimble, a 3D cloud simulator , and associated intellectual property and interests.

The Travel Channel Acquires Travel Blog for Editorial Content
The online component for the Travel Channel announces today that it has acquired World Hum , an online travel magazine blog, for an undisclosed amount. As part of the deal, Travel Channel visitors will be able to access exclusive content from World Hum’s editors and contributors. Internet giant Google Inc. and Salesforce.com Inc., a pioneer in online services for businesses, are discussing an alliance that could help them compete more effectively with Microsoft Corp., according to people familiar with the matter.

Yahoo’s Rumored $1 billion Talks With Bebo
Rumors about social networking site Bebo being for sale come up every few months. First it was British Telecom for $550 million in July 2006 (we started that one), then the Financial Times reported they were in talks with Viacom a month later.

Naturally Curly Raises $600,000 in Funding
Naturally Curly , the online community for people with curly hair founded in 1998, has raised $600,000 in a round of funding led by James Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers, a computer manufacturer which was bought by Compaq in 1997.

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