Monday, April 02, 2007

Synapse Life Sold for $60K

Synapse Life got acquired for $60,000 on ebay, yet another web 2.0 company sold on auction, the most famous sale on ebay was

The latest eBayquisition: SynapseLife, a suite of web-based applications that are available on your mobile phone, sold for $60K on eBay in the last few hours. The founders are now switching their focus to Down2Night, a much sexier social app that will soon have integration with MySpace.

SynapseLife was well-made, but a little dull - we’re looking forward to what they’ll serve up now they’re thinking about the social space.


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Blogger Sam Inspireus said...

I am glad SynapseLife Sold, but although knowing the effort they invested in the SynapseLife product and its overall value, I was disappointed that they only receive $60K for it on eBay. Hopefully the purchasers will retain Synapse for further development.

I have been following these young developers for over the last five years, and specifically this product since its inception. I have questioned the developers, Synapse Corporate Solutions (, on their reasons for selling the product and they have emphasized the following:

Since they currently consist primarily of a four person team, to properly support their increasing number of corporate-based customers (of which they have many), they needed to limit the amount of time and effort they spend on creative “free-to-the-public” adventures. In addition, their Down2Night project (, another free-to-the-public product, is gaining in popularity and is occupying more of their “free-time” focus.

Synapse has been financing their adventures strictly from current incoming revenues without any outside investors, and they believed SynapseLife deserved the finance-based development and promotion that other investor-based entity’s could provide.

Overall, I believe their decision to sell SynapseLife at this time was a positive action reflecting their dedication to their corporate customers, and was a good business decision.

Sam Inspireus, a long-term dedicated customer of Synapse Corporate Solutions.

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