Thursday, October 05, 2006 Plans To Go Social

Joshua Schachter, the founder of, who is now part of Yahoo! said in the public that plans to become a social network.

Here is what he says in a recent intervew:

"One of the amazing things about our users is how smart and far-reaching their interests are. While delicious previously has been very much about just the data, in the future I hope to allow our users themselves to come forward within the system. Additionally, I want to help people connect with others within the system, either to people they already know or discovering new people and communities based on interest."

Well, we'd say pretty good idea but nothing new under the sun. It would be really good if the companies stays focused on what they became popular at first. Dreams. Anyone wants to expand over and over again and they become pretty much corporate sharks rather than social oriented web sites and mashups.


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