Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mojungle.com on eBay

It seems that the web 2.0 created a new precedent, new and small web 2.0 sites to offer them up for sale on eBay... yet another one did that and the starting price is at $60,000 --Mojungle.com -- while the expected end price is $250,000! Couple of months ago Kiko, an AJAX calendar, sold out on eBay. Mojungle is a mobile media-sharing startup, and is Los Angeles-based startup. Just less than a year old it has just three full time employees. Mojungle CEO Ophir Tanz said they are shooting for at least $250,000 for the sale of the entire company including the technology, the design, and the domain name.

More information at GigaOm


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