Thursday, September 07, 2006

Google Puts AdWords Onto Mobiles

The Japanese testing of AdWords on mobiles proved successful enough that Google has quietly debuted the service in the US.

Do a mobile search using Google and something completely unexpected may appear. Google has now brought AdWords to mobiles, a move that increases the number of potential outlets for their advertising inventory.

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YouTube Challenges Facebook

Colleges on YouTube

Want to see the highlights of last weekend's game (or last night's party)? It's easier than ever to share videos with friends at your college on YouTube—join up and add videos to the pool. You can also start or join groups within your college, to hook up with others who have the same interests.

All you need to join is an .edu email address from your college! If you joined YouTube with a different email address, you can change it when you confirm.

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Another video sharing site gets funded

Another video sharing site gets funded: New York startup Motionbox will announce today that they’ve raised $4.2M in Series A funding from Canaan Partners, SAS Investors and ITOCHU Corporation. The cash will be used to build out Motionbox’s technology and for marketing purposes.

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