Saturday, September 23, 2006

Facebook $1B, YouTube $1.5B

Is it deal time? Definitely!

Just couple of days ago rumors spread around the web/world about Yahoo interested in buying for much or less $1 billion. Yesterday another popular web site, got its place in the hall of fame after a speculation about huge media company (no one says who) indicating interest in acquiring it for $1.5B spred the blogosphere...

We got a question here, is this a well arranged and executed PR strategy for establishing a public price tag or there is a real interest behind those rumors and speculations. I’d bet on the second, it is more than justifiable a company the size and popularity of YouTube to be acquired for the price ranges mentioned above… furthermore and despite the expected copyright wars a site ranked number 10 in the web sphere does cost at least $2 billion and anything below $1.5B would be considered a bargain (at least good deal for the buyer). Monetizing a web property the popularity and size of YouTube would be a snap for the future owner.

A technological merger between the TV and the web is highly expected to happen, if not this year, it would be any of the next years and YouTube could play a significant role in this transition.

The acquisition rumor train is running at full steam, no question here! Just along the lines of the giants there are several more companies being acquisition target right the moment Xuqa, Dovetail and Zooomr.

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