Friday, October 27, 2006

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The next big things according to VCs

Cell phone gambling in China and other wireless trends are what venture capitalists at Brainstorm were talking about.Venture capitalists still see a lot that interests them, but it's mostly not in glamorous, sexy industries like the Internet.

Speaking at a breakfast panel discussion at FORTUNE's Brainstorm conference Friday morning, several prominent VCs talked about the industries and regions where they are focusing most of their attention.

Instead of funding hot new Internet startups to take on the Googles (Charts), eBays (Charts) and MySpaces of the world, several VCs said that areas like healthcare, energy, wireless communications and even good old-fashioned technology, things like software and semiconductors, are attractive.

Gary Rieschel, the founder of Qiming Venture Capital Partners, a firm focusing on early-stage companies in China, said that medical technology firms and energy start-ups in China are two areas that excite him the most.

Other VCs also raved about the prospects in China.


IBM goes against Amazon in patent infringement battle

IBM goes against Amazon in patent infringement battle

Key aspects of Inc.'s retailing Web site are improperly built on technologies developed at IBM Corp., Big Blue alleged Monday in two lawsuits against Amazon.
Amazon is accused of infringing on five IBM patents, including technologies that govern how the site recommends products to customers, serves up advertising and stores data.
Some of the patents were first filed in the 1980s, including one titled "Ordering Items Using an Electronic Catalog."

"Given that time frame, these are very fundamental inventions for e-commerce and how to do it on the network," said John Kelly III, IBM's senior vice president for intellectual property. "Much, if not all, of Amazon's business is built on top of this property."
Hundreds of other companies have licensed the same patents, and IBM has tried to negotiate licensing deals with Amazon "over a dozen times since 2002," Kelly said. -- which has bought a lot of hardware from Hewlett-Packard Co. over the years but not IBM -- has allegedly refused every time.

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