Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The end of Revver, Guba and Metacafe

Just now that YouTube announced that they plan to launch their own revenue sharing system and start displaying ads on the videos there, we see how companies like Revver, Guba and Metacafe will start losing ground under their feet, considering the fact that YouTube is hugely popular and reaches the mainstream on the web!

Here is what Techcrunch wrote today: "YouTube competitors have worked to differentiate themselves by compensating video content creators, but once YouTube enters this game with their top-dog status already -I question what would make a user go to a lesser-visible video site such as Revver, Guba, Metacafe, etc. Competitors have been struggling of recent — Revver lost two founders and Guba lost its’ CEO and two executives."

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News Corp. Invests in ROO

The Wall Street Journal reported (behind paywall) this morning that News Corp would announce a $12 million investment in online video startup ROO.
News Corp. is expected to announce today that it agreed to buy as much as 10% of ROO Group Inc., an online video-technology provider.

The deal, valued around $12 million, puts ROOTV's valuation at more than $120M!

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More Funding for Brightcove

Brightcove Raises $59.5 million!

Brightcove, an online video platform and destination start-up has raised $59.5 million in new funding from strategic and large-scale institutional investors. The new investors include Maverick Capital, Brookside Capital, AllianceBernstein, The New York Times Company and Transcosmos. Existing investors such as Allen & Company, AOL, and Accel Partners participated in this round of financing.

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