Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Google bought Jotspot

Google has acquired wiki service JotSpot (see news story.) Jotspot is one of a few wikis that's easier to write in than the first generation of wikis. Early wikis required you to write your links and formatting in wiki code, which is quite straightforward, but also quite different from standard HTML and from working with a WYSIWYG word processor, like Word or Google Docs. The newer WYSIWYG wikis (WYSIWikis?) make creating a group document almost as easy as working in a word processor.

Which begs the question: Where does a word processor end and a wiki begin? Google Docs is already a great collaborative editing tool. It even has a revisions history function, like most wikis do. What it doesn't have are capabilities to create a web of pages, nor insert interactive elements (like polls, comments, mini-spreadsheets).

The full story... Acquired by Condé Nast/Wired

Pretty neat site called -- very similar to -- having Alexa ranking below 1000 has just been acquired by Condé Nast / Wired for undisclosed price… What we know is that Condé Nast / Wired operates a site named Lipstick which is much or less a clone of but way below the popularity of Reddit. One can see that their attempt to duplicate the original site did not work things out and they decided to buy the original.

We’d be interested to find out more about the price and its components such as stocks / cash ratio, if any. Rumors spreading around the web mention amounts in the range of $65M, is it too high or normal price for site Alexa below 1000? Okay, reporting the fact that is being rumored for $150M, and was bought for $1.65B (Alexa 10 by that time) we think’s value/price is normal to be anything around $50M+.

More information plus lots of commentaries on Techcrunch’s site