Monday, March 26, 2007

Zopria was deleted from Wikipedia

Zopria was deleted from Wikipedia’s entry list sparking protest from Zorpia members. Press Release Body = Wikipedia have removed the entry ‘Zorpia’ from their site recently, sparking protest reactions from thousands of members., a Social Networking Site with 5 million global members, had been included in the famous online encyclopedia for approximately one year, but has recently been removed.

Wikipedia editors stated ‘lack of notability’ and a ‘lack of reliable sources of notability’, as the main reasons for removal. “Whilst we ultimately respect Wikipedia’s decision, and support their quest for quality content, we do feel that our company’s ongoing growth deserves a mention in the history of the SNS phenomena” said Jeffrey Ng, CEO and founder of Zorpia Co. Ltd “It is also confusing to us that so many other less notable sites, manage to retain their place in Wikipedia content”. Wikipedia guidelines however, do not allow for the existence of one entry, to support the existence of another. In a show of support, members of Zorpia have attempted to make themselves more visible to the rest of the web by creating pictures of themselves with Zorpia slogans, and posting videos on sites such as YouTube.

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