Wednesday, September 06, 2006 – gigantic contextual platform

These days I came across a site seemed to be owned by a tiny company but looking like web 2.0 contextual giant (38 million English words made on pages!) that is rapidly spreading around web by contextually linking words, phrases and whole sentences promising to change the landscape people do find and manage information on the web entirely based on grammatical, meaningful and contextual basis…

What does it mean and how it is going to affect the web…from putting out of business traditional link exchange programs to undermining the popular contextual ads networks…

Read more here and decide for yourself…

Yahoo news story

Six Apart to Buy Rojo

Blogging company Six Apart will soon announce it has purchased Rojo, the web-based feed reader, for undisclosed terms.

Six Apart won’t be adding an aggregator based on Rojo, but instead incorporating some elements of the technology into its existing products, according to Six Apart CEO Barak Berkowitz. Rojo CEO Chris Alden will run Six Apart’s Movable Type group.

Alden, a co-founder of Red Herring, is being tapped for his media experience, says Berkowitz. Aaron Emigh, chief technology office of Rojo is also joining Six Apart, so are many other employees. Some of Rojo employees have found home at other start-ups, such as BitTorrent.

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Samsung plans to introduce its own online music service

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to introduce its own online music service to compete against Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iTunes-iPod franchise and Microsoft Corp.'s upcoming Zune music products.

The South Korean-based electronics giant said Friday it will work with media provider MusicNet to launch a music subscription and download service later this year in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Samsung said it plans to later expand the service throughout Europe and Asia.

Samsung said the online music service will be compatible with its upcoming line of portable MP3 and media players, but did not disclose further details about the service, pricing or fees. Samsung representatives were not immediately available for comment Friday.

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MingleNow is a place-centered social networking

MingleNow is a place-centered social networking site that will offer real world incentives for online activity. Incubated by advertising company BlueLithium, MingleNow will launch a limited beta early next week and open to the public at the end of this month. I’ve been waiting for this to come to fruition for some time and I’ll be interested to see if it’s well received. If the real world events and incentives end up being something people are interested in participating in, then this could do well. I imagine that if top MySpace users, for example, told the world where they’d be on a Saturday night, a fair number of people would likely go there too.

Unlike other social networks that are focused on people, MingleNow will be based primarily on locations like bars and other venues. Nearly 900,000 physical locations will have dedicated MingleNow pages at launch and users will be encouraged to upload photos and stories from those locations. Users will also have fully customizable profile pages. MingleNow emphasizes the viability of its service for events promoters. Users who bring in friends and populate the site with photos, stories and reviews will receive points towards real world discounts, early event notification and VIP access to select events. The service will kick off with public events at venues around the US this fall. …

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Tiny web 2.0-like calendar bought by Tucows

On August 26th, 2006, Tucows was the winning bidder in the widely discussed (Techmeme,, Stowe Boyd) eBay auction of the web-based calendar application Kiko.

Why Did We Buy Kiko?

While there are a lot of little reasons, I'll cover a few of them in a moment, there is really one big reason why we bought Kiko. We needed the functionality, quite desperately, inside of our email platform and it was going to take us a long time to get it. Especially at the level of sophistication Kiko has.

The Calendar Function
Most webmail platforms have a calendar but very few of them are ever used. It is quite simply a crappy user experience. We as users have a problem with shared calendar inside of Tucows and because we are a mixed-desktop environment we are not able to go with the expensive-frustrating-functional Exchange Server solution. At times there have been real pushes for this internally but I have pushed back and insisted that anything we do with a shared calendar be open standards. There is not much. ...

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Google Archives 200 Years of News

Google News has broken free from its temporal chains; no longer content to display search results from a measly month of prior news, the service has signed with a number of partners to offer news search extending back into early last century. According to PaidContent’s summary of the NYT coverage, sources include the Wall Street Journal, New York Times (to 1981), Washington Post, Time (full archives to 1923), Guardian Unlimited, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, HighBeam Research and Thomson Gale. Some of the results will require payment to the source for access and there are no Google ads on the results pages. Regular search and timeline display options are available...

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